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Myungsoo vs Jongkook

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neol nomuna saranghaeseo, nan TV neul kkeosseo
saebbal gan, ni ibsul
Monday Couple ep153 + Leessang’s Turn Off the TV

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Hello guysss~

Because I’m really busy right now, how about I make tutorials per week instead? Every week, I’ll reply to your questions about gifs/edits, and I’ll make one request per week. I’ll be making gifs again after the tenth of September. Thank you for your patience, and thank you so much for supporting and following despite lacks of updates!

I’ve reached an incredible amount of followers in this short time! Thank you so much! <3

I’m open to follow anyone, just message me, mkay? Love yous.

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Oh, so you CAN use lower resolution videos fer gifs. Now I don't have to spend hours looking for 720/1080p videos. Great tip yo! :D

Hi! Sorry for the super late reply! Yesss, you can use different types of resolution for gifs. Just remember that the bigger the resolutions, the better the gifs will be :D

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Are your gif 720p? sorry for my bad english :(

Hi! :D Your English is fine!<3 I don’t really know what you ask for, but I think you’re asking whether the videos I used for my gifs are 720p in resolutions or not, right? x)

First of all, sorry for the very late reply! Please enjoy smexy!Gary in exchange:


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I have missed you on my dash!!!



And I found another blog to follow!<3 Hi! Thank you so much! I’ve missed being able to tumbl’ too<333 Thank you for your message it means a lot<3


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"You have no idea how hard we worked together building that boat today. It felt like we went back to the way we used to be two years ago."

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when your ‘boyfriend’ suddenly turns into a nagger

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Hi! So…

I’m a freshman in college x)

I’m really busy right now with a lot of assignments and stuffs and I’ve moved out off my house last week, and in my new home, it’s so hard to find the signal to the building’s wifi. I need internet so I’m thinking of buying a modem, but my mind could change anytime.

Does anyone miss my gifs? x) I miss making them. I’m disappointed by the fact that I couldn’t make any for the latest episode which is episode 159 (lots and lots of mcm and i love watching it so much). I promise I’ll make some in near future! Thank you for supporting me! Please keep supporting!<33

I’ll reply to the messages soon! Thanks guys<3